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Cologne fans threaten FC players: "Beating you dead"

Koln-Fans drohen FC-Spielern: “Schlagen euch tot”The Cologne fans are dissatisfied © SID-IMAGES/Picturesmile /.

When a Waldlauf on the training ground Cologne players returned, they dare not their eyes. "If it descends, we beat dead you", was in a gang.

Cologne (SID) - giant excitement at the 1 FC Cologne: Could as the player of football club returned on Monday morning by a Waldlauf on the training ground, they do not believe their eyes at the sight of a lettering. "If it descends, we beat dead you", was a length of 20 metres on an advertising banner. Apparently, fans had sprayed the tasteless saying at night.

Team and coach of table 14. responded by shaking of the head. "That has shocked me." "This has nothing to do with criticism to do", said coach Frank Schaefer: "this is completely also and incomprehensible." Also captain Lukas Podolski had no understanding for the brutal message: "These are not fans." "This has nothing to do with common sense."

In the afternoon, about 200 participants of fan demo "Pro Schaefer" the threats distanced themselves. The trailer ubermalten the saying and drew the criticism towards President Wolfgang Overath. "Bullying, no thank you." Board out! ", on banners of fans who will be strong for a fact that shepherds."

"Our Shepherd is bullied, driven the herd of the Wolf(gang)", was to read a further banner." Finke also sports director Volker had to be listen by furious fans resignation demands.

Cologne had been again on Sunday by the 1-4 with VfL Wolfsburg in acute danger of relegation. Even before the return flight, about 60 fans had made the team at the airport to the speech. "I can understand that the fans are angry." "But these threats are absolutely below the belt and shameful," said goalkeeper Michael Rensing.