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Zero minus scenery in Bochum, Germany

Nullnummer vor Minuskulisse in BochumJo Yun MI created the first danger © SID-IMAGES/AFP/THOMAS KIENZLE

Against the backdrop of minus of 7805 visitors Asia North Korea and World Cup newcomer Colombia parted 0-0 on the final day of Group C of the Frauenfuball World Championship in Bochum.

Bochum (SID)-(SID) - hard spectators, no goals: before the negative crowd of 7805 visitors Asia runner-up North Korea and World Cup debutante Colombia separated 0-0 on the final day of Group C of the Frauenfuball World Championship in Bochum. Both teams had lost all his chances on the quarter-finals before the encounter by defeats against the United States and Sweden and need to make the journey home without a single hit.

The former Geheimfavorit North Korea remained far short of expectations in his third appearance and put a splash of colour in an otherwise dismal performance at the World Cup only by the strange lightning excuse of his coach Kim Kwang min after the defeat against the arch-enemy United States.

Against Colombia, came North Korea better off the ground and had by the very agile Jo Yun wed the first dangerous scoring in the seventh minute. On the other side gate women Hong Myong had to muster Hui twice capable, to direct the remote shots by Yulieht Dominguez (13th) and Daniela Montoya (16) with the fingertips of the bar.

While the Sudamerikanerinnen in the offensive put especially on individual action, North Korea won a slight preponderance by partially liquid combination later in the first half and came to the next good opportunity (25), which denied Colombia gate women Sandra Sepulveda by Jo.

The best chance of the first 45 minutes again awarded North Korea's captain Jo, who put the ball from a short distance to the post free-standing (38.).

After the break, the game noticeably diminished, many duels in the destroyed each game flow. A 30-meter free kick by Oriancia Velasquez (66.) in the arms of Hong Kong was already the best way in the second half.