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Marta shoots Brazil in the quarter-finals

Marta schie?t Brasilien ins ViertelfinaleMarta foult, conjures up, meets and cheers © SID-IMAGES/AFP/ODD ANDERSEN

World Fu?ballerin Marta has held the title favorite Brazil with a gala performance in the quarter-finals, but the exception Konnerin once lost their sympathies.

Wolfsburg (SID) - World Fu?ballerin Marta has held title favorite Brazil with a gala performance in the quarter-finals, but the exception Konnerin once lost their sympathies: with two hits and a submission to the 3-0 (1-0) hit against Norway the 25 underlined the Brazilian rights to the first world title, but controversial goal of striker to a 1-0 left a fan connotation and caused great indignation in the ranks.

A clear foul was headed the goal of Martas in the 22nd minute, which resulted, the celebrated before kick-off with choruses and frenetically beklatschte previous flagship player was booed by the Wolfsburg-based audience. Rosana (46th) and again (48.) Marta produced the final score at least ensured that the controversial goal was not critical to the game.

Thus the grace can be displaced no longer from Brazil with six points from two games from one of the top two spots in Group D. In the final Vorrundenbegenung against the chancenlose with a view to the quarter-finals team from Equatorial Guinea, the South American Champion needs only one point to be sure to group winners.

However, it comes to a "group"final to place in the quarter-finals next Wednesday between Norway and Australia. Both teams are tied on three points behind the Brazilians, however Australia enough already because of better goal difference draw to qualify.

Before 26.067 spectators in the sold-out Wolfsburg WM arena the Brazilians again beginning with Daiane on the Liberaposition, as well as the side where the Wolfsburgerin was Leni Larsen Kaurin from the outset in the starting lineup, played forward courageously. Rosana scored the first time on Norwegian goal after just 31 seconds.

On the pitch trying to bespielenden, then however noticeably diminished the game. The first high-profile way awarded Madeleine Giske, whose unplatzierter to Schuss but ended up in the hands of Andreia (18.).

The controversial hit however brought the Brazilians in the lead. Marta won a running duel against the Norwegian Defender Nora Holstad mountains only by unfair means, and then completed her solo from a short distance to a 1-0. However, left the audience goal as well as the further actions of Marta previously acclaimed with whistles - as a result and fired at following largely the Skandinavierinnen.

After the half, the Brazilians then showed their whole class with a double strike. After a beautiful solo of Marta and perfect preparatory work, Rosana had to complete only from close range. During the side of still a 0: 2 afterwards mourned Marta even that took a 3-0 after some confusion to Norwegian penalty area.

As a result, the side supported by the public no longer found to their game, while Brazil controlled the encounter. Marta awarded in the 68 minute even the chance of a large late graduated their third goal as they counter one.

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