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Zwanziger Hoeneß and Beckenbauer attacked

Zwanziger attackiert Hoene? und BeckenbauerTheo Zwanziger attacked Beckenbauer and Hoeness-© SID-IMAGES/AFP/DANIEL ROLAND

DFB President Zwanziger has Franz Beckenbauer in the wake of allegations of corruption at the FIFA and Uli Hoeness criticized. He wonder about the public criticism of the two.

Frankfurt/Main (SID) - DFB President Theo Zwanziger has severely criticized in the wake of allegations of corruption at the World Federation FIFA "Emperor" Franz Beckenbauer and Bayern President Uli Hoeness. "What surprises me about the whole thing already is, that Uli Hoeness publicly insulted me instead of just once to talk with me and to ask for the reasons of the decision." "Also I have offered, when Franz Beckenbauer has surprisingly announced his retirement from the FIFA Executive, the League President Reinhard Rauball, to fill this position by a representative of the League", says twenties in an interview with the Frankfurter Rundschau.

Zwanziger had at first not interested in a position in the FIFA's Executive Committee. League boss Rauball then sought contact with Hoeness, who wanted to take over any responsibility but according to twenties. "To my knowledge, he spoke with Hoeness and it has rejected the assumption of responsibility, as earlier elsewhere." "It is who seriously to democratisation and modernisation of large associations, which may putting only not from the outside", Zwanziger, who missed a swipe also Beckenbauer said: "Besides sit and sat on the Executive Committee of FIFA longer very competent people." "From Bavaria."

DFB boss twenties accuses Beckenbauer that he had remained idle despite the constantly burgeoning allegations of corruption. "And now the Theo Zwanziger in addition to debt suddenly everything, what went wrong so far?" "However, I store me with great determination", Zwanziger said.

Hoeness had violently attacked twenties due to its support for FIFA President Joseph Blatter. "The attitude of the DFB in this thing bothers me." Mr left no doubt that you will choose Blatter twenties. According to the motto: eyes to and. I am disappointed that the DFB before these dubious dealings turning a blind eye and not against Blatter pressure makes. Wegschauen is also accept. "Who does this, is partly to blame," said the President of Bayern Munich.

Lawyer Zwnaziger called also once again consider a re-allocation of the World Cup 2022. "It is unacceptable that the award of the World Cup corruption is suspected." I use the word, even if it is not quite right. At the latest after the FIFA General Secretary expressed this suspicion in a mail, we must take it all very seriously. This must be clarified. In the one or the other direction. The vote in favor of Qatar was 14: 8. "If only three votes were cast after the FIFA's own ethical standards, then the vote not to keep", Zwanziger said.

The fact that a star tenor Placido Domingo as sits in the solution Commission founded by FIFA President Blatter, criticized twenties. "A whilst Club may not be that." "Placido Domingo is a great friend of football, but really he can not afford such a thing," twenties which has but full confidence in Blatter said: "He is far too clever to be corrupt to." Thus, he would go to dependencies that, be blackmailed and he may not want that. "But he is a very good NetWorker and expert in any case."