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WM: Japan thanks for support

WM: Japan bedankt sich fur UnterstutzungWM: Japan thanks for international assistance © SID-IMAGES/AFP/John EISELE

Japan's women team thanks you for the help after the tsunami and earthquake disaster and the reactor disaster of Fukushima at the international football family.

Cologne (SID) - the Japanese women's national team takes advantage of the World Cup stage in Germany to the support of the country after the tsunami and earthquake disaster, as well as the reactor accident by Fukushima three and a half months ago when the international football family to thank. The Japanese players and players are in their World Cup games each with a banner that reads "to our friends around the world." "Thanks for the support" invade the stadium. This will happen for the first time in the opening game of the Japanese on Monday in Bochum against New Zealand (15.00).

In addition, following message is read in the stages: "in the name of the whole Japanese football family and in the names of those who were in need because of the earthquake and the tsunami in March of this year, the Japanese Football Association would like to thank." "The tireless support and cooperation of the entire football family in the reconstruction of the country have touched us and encouraged."

Japan is also involved in the U17 World Cup in Mexico and the beach soccer World Cup in Ravenna/Italy. The action is running even with these two tournaments.