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Three Gold Cup games under suspicion of manipulation

Drei Gold-Cup-Spiele unter ManipulationsverdachtA new scandal threatens © SID-IMAGES/Pixathlon /.

The world of football the next scandal threatens may: the American continental Championship has become the focus of investigators.

Hamburg (SID) - the football world the next scandal threatens may: after the process in Germany and the investigation into Italy the American continental Championship in the focus of investigators has come now. According to information from Spiegel Online, three games at the Gold Cup are particularly suspicious, they should have been the focus of Interpol, the World Federation FIFA and CONCACAF, the Federation of provided.

In all three matches, the odds on the Asian market exploded, in particular were you called on Gates bets. Therefore, it is that a team scored a particularly high hits per scan. Two games ended 5-0, a 4-0. The CONCACAF Federation has asked now several reports to do so in relevant bookmakers and determined against three not mentioned by name associations.