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The threatening of the ARD-Sportschau may

Der ARD-Sportschau droht womoglich das AusSoon the off for the ARD sports show? -(Copyright) SID-IMAGES/Getty Images /.

The DFL is 2013 / 14 new ways in the awarding of television rights for the Bundesliga season. Thus, the threatens the popular "sports show" on the early Saturday evening.

Dusseldorf (SID) - German Football League (DFL) going in the awarding of television rights of the Bundesliga in the season of 2013 / 14 new ways. One of the two models provides an exclusive broadcasting window for Internet and mobile phone TV on Saturday until 21.45 hrs. Thus, of threatening the popular "sports show" the ARD had celebrated its 50th anniversary last weekend, early Saturday. That was the Handelsblatt (Edition of Tuesday) from business circles.

The DFL will therefore attract new bidders by attractive exclusive rights for Web and mobile transmissions and thus higher prices achieved. "The market will decide whether the sports show will disappear," learned the Handelsblatt from circles of professional clubs. The DFL wanted to give no opinion on Monday.

The new invitation to tender, the DFL wants to go with two models in the race. While the first variant unchanged on Saturday from 6: 30 pm provides a first treatment of the Bundesliga highlights of all distribution channels, the familiar ARD-Sportschau could be removed on Saturday night after a second model from 2013 onwards: after a kind Web sports show on the Internet from 7 pm to serve the free to air market. In the classic television, summaries were only from 21.45 am to see.

A possible award of Internet and mobile-Sportschau already interest is behind the scenes. The US Internet Group Yahoo is willing to go into the bidding. "The Bundesliga rights for the Web are very very interesting for us," said Heiko Genzlinger, Vice-Germany Director of Yahoo, the Handelsblatt on Monday. "Long listed online video content enormous growth rates, and rising - it is so obvious, it must go for advertisers and thus also for the Bundesliga."

Whether the Bonn authority will give green light to the new model of the DFL, is open. The competition authority is in the assessment of the models presented by the DFL. The Befagung of the operators run yet, said a spokesman of the authority. There is, however, great confidence in circles of professional football. "An amicable solution is within reach", says a Manager. Insiders expect a decision in the next six weeks.

The process of the Bundesliga rights in free air television, pay TV, Internet and on mobile phones is about money. Channels sky, ARD, ZDF and Sport1 transfer EUR 412 million of the 36 professional clubs every year. The pay-TV broadcaster sky, a subsidiary of American media giant News Corp., with 240 million euros will pay the lion's share.

More about 100 million come from the ARD, which secures for the broadcasting of the Saturday highlights in the sports show from 6 pm. Deutsche Telekom will pay 25 million euro for the IPTV and mobile rights. Another 20 million come from the ZDF and tens of millions of the Munich private channel sport 1, a daughter of Constantin media, the media mogul Leo Kirch is heavily involved.