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Spectators record: 12.8 million fans in the stadiums

Zuschauer-Rekord: 12,8 Mio. Fans in den StadienFor the ninth time as a result, the League in Europe is top-© SID-IMAGES/Getty Images /.

The Bundesliga is booming and remains the viewer most of the world: in the season, total 12.88 million viewers and so many like never before saw the 306 Punktspiele.

Frankfurt (SID) - the football Bundesliga is booming, the highest German division remains the viewer most of the world: total 12.88 million viewers and so many never saw in the last season the 306 Punktspiele. There were 0.7% more than in the previous season (12,79). The average 42.101 fans in the 18 stadiums streamed per game (previous year: 41.905), the utilization of the stadiums was 94 percent. The German Football League (DFL) presented these figures at Friday.

The audience response increased the stake sold season tickets from 58 to 60 percent. The average ticket price was 22.75 euros and was best compared to the other top leagues in Europe.

"For the ninth time in the last ten years were more fans in the stadiums." "A more exciting competition with attractive games, family-friendly ticket prices and the modern stadiums are the key factors for success", said Christian Seifert, DFL CEO.

4.45 Million spectators came to the games of the 2nd League (previous year 4.58 million). This corresponds to an average of 14.539 visitors per game and thus a slight reduction in 438 visitors per meeting. The average ticket price dropped from 13.77 EUR 13,01 EUR. The stadium load amounted to just under 50 percent.

Total recorded an audience volume of 17.33 million visitors of German professional football and moved it to the level of previous year (17,37 m).

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