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Sold 670,000 World Cup tickets

670.000 WM-Tickets verkauftOK President Steffi Jones "super satisfied" (copyright) SID-IMAGES/AFP/ODD ANDERSEN

OK President Steffi Jones has drawn a positive interim conclusion ten days before the start of the women's football World Cup in the face of tickets sold by 670.000.

Frankfurt/Main (SID) - the ticket sales is rolling, the opening ceremony is already rehearsed, OK President Steffi Jones holds her Germany flags. Ten days before the kick-off the women's football World Cup (26 June to 17 July), only one is missing: "I wish nothing more than good weather", Jones said on Thursday at the press conference of the World Cup Organizing Committee in Frankfurt.

Otherwise everything is served for the final round, which will be opened on 26 June at 17.40 am elfminutigen ceremony immediately prior to the match Germany against Canada in the Berlin Olympic Stadium from the perspective of the OK. Jones revealed first details of the show: A mirror-ball will roll through the arena, "so that even the fans can see". 2000 Volunteers prepare at twelve trial days for the spectacle. "It is short and crisp", said Jones.

The former player of World Cup tickets sales is "Super satisfied": 670.000 of the 900,000 available tickets have been sold, which means an occupancy rate of 75 percent: "We are on track to achieve our target of 80 per cent utilization." Thus, 26 million euro of 50 million euro budget would be covered through the ticket sales as planned.

For 30 of the 32 World Cup games so far more than 10,000 tickets have been sold for 15 games more than 20,000. The targeted marketing of the World Cup as a family event had been successful, Jones said: "We have found our profile and set new standards in the women's football." About 10 percent of the ticket orders were from abroad: fans from 50 countries, including Tanzania, Bolivia, Fiji, and Lebanon, have purchased cards.

As the "Heart of women's football", Frankfurt, where also the final will take place on 17 July, spearheading the statistics with 153 k sold cards. Blank ranks threaten only 35,000 separate tickets for four first-round matches at the bottom of Bochum. But Jones is optimistic: "We regret the decision for Bochum, ticket sales attracts there once again." The German team is on in the group stage after the opening match on June 30 in Frankfurt against Nigeria, as well as on July 5 in Monchengladbach against France.

For the OK President, the World Cup is to the logistical challenge. The 38-year-old wants to go to 22 games. "More does not work", said Jones and will this visit as every venue and see each team at least once. Otherwise as her idol Franz Beckenbauer, OK boss in the summer's tale of the men of 2006, it will be mostly by train and plane: "A helicopter Jones will not be there, I need a helicopter only twice."

Whether FIFA President Sepp Blatter will however take place such as Beckenbauer in the opening match in the official gallery, is still open. Jones is also optimistic: "I am assuming that he will come." Yourself is at least prepared for a second summer fairy tale. "I have already my flags", says the 111-malige national team, "and I am sure that a sea of flag by Germany will roll."