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Setback for Geheimfavorit England to World Cup start

Ruckschlag fur Geheimfavorit England zum WM-StartNot a good figure in the balance: Karen Bardsley-© SID-IMAGES/AFP/John EISELE

A typical English goalkeeping error gave a setback to the Geheimfavoritinnen from the UK at the beginning of the World Cup. There were only a 1-1 against Mexico.

Wolfsburg (SID) - A typical English goalkeeping error gave a setback to the Geheimfavoritinnen from the British Isles at the beginning of the women's football World Cup. The Vice European champion from England came in his opening match against Mexico only to a 1-1 (1: 1) and is already after the first meeting under pressure. The first point, however, managed the people in their second World Cup appearance. 1999 was the rankings-22. 0 points and 1: 15 goals in the first round eliminated and had lost at 0-6 against the German team.

After the tour for the Englishwomen by Fara Williams via header (21), Monica Ocampo (33) marked the compensation for the team of former Mexican international Leonardo Cuellar fulminant distance shot. However the English gate woman Karen Bardsley looked anything but good with the goals.

Mexico must compete in the second encounter against Japan. England meets New Zealand. Both games take place on Friday. In the first game of Group B, Japan against New Zealand had won 2-1 on Monday afternoon.

The Favorites from the British Isles were on the weak performance of the preparation over long distances. There she is 0-2 against Australia in the last preparation matches and lost 0: 3 against North Korea.

Ago 18.702 spectators in the arena of Wolfsburg began to outsiders without fear. After just four minutes had Captain Maribel Dominguez the great opportunity to lead. After a beautiful pass was the most famous Mexican player and only top completely free in the penalty area, but she vertandelte the ball against a mitgelaufene English Defender.

Following the Englishwomen were always dominant, to earn but great chances to score. England star Kelly Smith had the best opportunity with a shot in the seventh minute. The people have almost no longer free from his own half and had to accept the equaliser from a corner. With a header over the goalkeeper and all defenders across the 1-0 (21.) scored Williams.

After the Favorites dominated the action, surprisingly the compensation fell however. Monica Ocampo generated a distance shot the 1: 1 (33.). When the Englishwomen error sneaked a now more and more, that almost had exploited the Mittelamerikanerinnen after the break. After a handles the ball, Dominguez scored a free-kick just short of the target by (49.)

In addition, the outsiders bad luck had that referee not was a clear penalty Silvia Reyes from Peru in the 60th minute. The Wolfsburg-based audience struck then on the side of the people and acclaimed each of their attacks. After a balanced encounter developed, without that who however was more clear chances to score a team earn.