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NFL quarterback a.j Feeley. is "Belongings"

NFL-Quarterback A.J. Feeley wird “Hab”Partner of Heather mitts: quarterback a. j. Feeley-© SID-IMAGES/AFP/Getty Images/Scott Boehm

The last major events, the player women often certain the gossip columns, in the women's World Cup, now the men of the male in the back.

The player women often certain Dresden (SID) - when the last major football events the gossip columns, in the women's World Cup in Germany, now the men of the male in the back: in the United States NFL quarterback is a.j. Feeley of the St. Louis Rams already as a new model of the "HABs" (husband and boyfriends).

As a male counterpart of the "WAGs" (wives and girlfriends) accompanied the 1.91-metre and 100 kilos heavy model athlete of his wife, the American defender of Heather mitts, at least at the first games by Germany.

In recent years had the turbulent relationship of the two sports stars, mitts was voted 2004 by the sports channel ESPN the "hottest female athlete of the year", the gossip columns. While the outcome of the World Cup for the United States is still open, which celebrated their personal happy ending last year: wedding bells rang on 13 February.