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Mirror: Bin Hammam threatens FBI investigation

Spiegel: Bin Hammam droht FBI-ErmittlungsverfahrenBin Hammam could soon pass the laugh © SID-IMAGES/AFP/FABRICE COFFRINI

According to information of the news magazine game gel threatens Hammam the suspended FIFA official Mohamed Bin a preliminary investigation by the FBI.

Frankfurt (SID) - the suspended FIFA official Mohamed Bin Hammam is a preliminary investigation by the FBI. After details of the news magazine Spiegel, the American authority will determine on its own initiative against the Katarer because it is suspected of having violated against the money laundering act together with a citizen of standing under US Federal law Puerto Rico.

Bin Hammam is accused in the election campaign to the FIFA Presidency on 10 June in Trinidad and Tobago to have bribed 25 officials with 40,000 dollar bribes. The Football Association of Puerto Rico had confirmed to have received money. The Ethics Commission of the FIFA had Bin Hammam and Jack suspended for offences against the FIFA Code of ethics for 30 days Warner, President of the Confederation of CONCACAF (North and Central America and Caribbean),.

Previously, the President of the Football Association of Suriname had already, Louis Giskus, admittedly, after a meeting with Bin Hammam to have received an envelope with $ 40,000 and a projector and a laptop.

Giskus, which FIFA against Bin Hammam and Warner cooperates with the World Football Association, the investigation allegedly received by Jason Sylvester, an also suspended official of the CFU Caribbean Football Association the gifts. "Sylvester said that the gifts you want to serve the development of football in Suriname," said Giskus: "Us was told of the projector and the laptop come from CONCACAF, the money from the CFU."