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Jones must without Beckenbauer in the Heli

Jones muss ohne Beckenbauer in den HeliJones (2.l.) must fly without Beckenbauer-© SID-IMAGES/Pixathlon /.

For OK President Steffi Jones, the great dream of the joint helicopter flight with Kaiser Franz Beckenbauer has burst to a game of the women's World Cup.

The great dream of the joint helicopter flight is bursting with Kaiser Franz Beckenbauer Frankfurt/Main (SID) - for OK President Steffi Jones to a game of the women's World Cup. Beckenbauer had to cancel the flight planned originally for the July 10 from the quarter-finals in Augsburg to the quarter-finals in Dresden for schedule reasons.

"There are overlapping schedules because unfortunately." "Therefore Franz Beckenbauer can fly on 10 July with Steffi to Dresden," said press WM-OK officer Jens Grittner on SID request. Jones had traveled for the first time on Monday by helicopter from a World Cup game to the next. Total wants to watch the 38 year old 18 of 32 World Cup games live. For comparison, Beckenbauer was at the World Cup 2006 in 48 of 64 matches live in the stadium.

Jones will complete most of their travel by train in contrast to Beckenbauer. "The helicopter-Jones will not be there." I like to travel by train, because I am weird love among people. I also wonder that so many people know me. This is an honor for me. I never thought that there are people who want to get autographs from me. "This is madness," said Jones.