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Hansa and his fans decide behavior code

Hansa und seine Fans beschlie?en Verhaltens-KodexCode of conduct for the fans of Hansa Rostock - ©SID-IMAGES/Picturesmile.de/Sascha Droemer

In view of the increasing violence problem second Division-promoted agreed Hansa Rostock and its active fan scene on a code of conduct.

Rostock (SID) - in response to the increasing problem of violence have become second Division-promoted Hansa Rostock and its active fan scene on a code of conduct agreed. The supporters assured the Club to meet "the own home with respect and appreciation". To belong also the compliance with the stadium rules and thus the non abbrennen of pyrotechnics.

In return, Hansa for the South stand used by the Ultras offers now passes and waived an originally foreseen "denomination" in the award. However, the Board of Directors in incidents can initiate emergency measures such as the closure of the southern Gallery in the future.

The code, which praised the Club as a "Milestone in communication between fans and the Club", was preceded by a discussion between the Klubverantwortlichen and about 600 supporters. "We are convinced that the existing code is also lived and is an important step in the right direction," said Rostock Chief Executive Bernd Hofmann.

Last season, Hansa was very close to be punished, because in the local stadium as well as abroad again Bengal fire had been ignited by the German Football Association (DFB) with a so-called "ghost game".