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Gullit is in danger in Grozny the dismissal

Gullit droht in Grosny die EntlassungRuud Gullit is in danger when Terek Grozny the dismissal © SID-IMAGES/Pixathlon /.

The dismissal is the Dutch coach Ruud Gullit at Terek Grozny in Russia. The Chechen President Kadirow, also Chairman of the Club, is not satisfied.

The dismissal threatened Grozny (SID) - the Dutch star coach Ruud Gullit at Terek Grozny in Russia. According to information of the daily newspaper De Telegraaf, the controversial Chechen President Ramzan Kadirow, in personal Union of also Chairman of the Russian first division club, is not at all satisfied with the work of the European champion from 1988. The Club from the capital of the Russian Republic of Chechnya is ranked 14 in the first League comprising 16 clubs. Terek River during against Amkar perm is on Tuesday. Gullit is condemned with his team to the victories.

Gullit should result in Kadirows Club on a mode that shall be entitled to participate in the champions or the Europa League. "Since the team is Gullit who I recognize no longer it again." "It has no longer played to a recognizable system", Kadirow was quoted. "So desperate I have seen never play Terek", he added. Kadirow also finds that Gullit deals more with the nightlife with his task as a coach.

In the spring, the former Dutch star players acquired the only first division club in the Russian Republic torn by a civil war until recently. Gullits decision, to take care of the personal Club of the dictatorial President, was encountered great criticism in the Netherlands. Kadirow are accused of inter alia war crimes.