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Garefrekes: "because I'm just anti-Star"

Garefrekes: “Da bin ich eben der Anti-Star”Kerstin Garefrekes is out with their image-© SID-IMAGES/AFP/John EISELE

Player Kerstin Garefrekes has accepted the image as "Anti-Star" of the German team. "Because I'm just anti-star or the glamour girl."

Frankfurt/Main (SID) - football player Kerstin Garefrekes has accepted the image as "Anti-Star" of the German team. "I have a feeling, each player is inserted so a bit in a drawer, and since it no longer comes out." "Since I am just the anti-star or the glamour girl that perhaps occurs for certain other values", said the midfielder in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine ZEITUNG.

The 31-Jahrige of the 1. FFC Frankfurt will despite the increased attention during the World Cup in their own country not stronger market. "For me personally it is so that what I would have to disclose in many promotional stories, not the balance, what I would get in the moment", Garefrekes, said "I would like to sell me not for a sum of money, and advocate things which I am not."

Generally is the born Westphalian, who scored the first goal in the opening match against Canada (2: 1), only grudgingly in the spotlight: "I don't like it, that is, if one has payout the head in the 10th minute, so is hochgejubelt."

Their traction has kept the two-time world champion by professional experience. Before her current job in the environmental protection agency Frankfurt, Garefrekes worked as a clerk in the social services. "I have read so the reports of the social workers and was in direct contact with the people, because you get already a glimpse into life on the road and the fates", so Garefrekes. This is for them "definitely an important phase and very instructive" have been.