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FIFA: Surinam President admits gifts

FIFA: Surinams Prasident gibt Geldgeschenke zuFurther accusations against Bin Hammam-© SID-IMAGES/AFP/SAEED KHAN

The President of the Football Association of Suriname has admitted, after a meeting with Mohamed Bin Hammam can obtain a money envelope and a projector and a laptop to have.

The President of the Football Association of Surinam, Louis Giskus, has admitted (SID) - Miami, after a meeting with the former FIFA be Mohamed Bin to have received an envelope with $ 40,000 and a projector and a laptop Hammam.

Giskus which now bin suspended Hammam and is cooperating the former CONCACAF President Jack Warner with the World Football Association, FIFA against the investigations to received the gifts from Jason Sylvester, an also suspended officials of the Caribbean Football Association (CFU). "Sylvester said that the gifts you want to serve the development of football in Suriname," said Giskus: "Us was told of the projector and the laptop come from CONCACAF, the money from the CFU."

Previously, the governing body of football in Puerto Rico had already declared to have received money. Both organizations have offered to return the gifts.