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FIFA: Silent Blazer, Warner hidden email

FIFA: Blazer schweigt, Warner versteckt E-MailThe FIFA is not to rest © SID-IMAGES/AFP /.

In the corruption scandal of the World Football Association FIFA, also five days after the re-election of FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter further disguised and deceived.

Port-of - Chuck Blazer is silent, Jack Warner hidden an explosive email: in the corruption scandal of the World Football Association FIFA, also five days after the re-election of FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter further disguised and deceived. Warner declared on Sunday in Trinidad that the mail would remain private.

The Member of the Executive Committee suspended because of allegations of manipulation previously announced to make public the E-mail traffic with FIFA boss Blatter. Now, Warner founded his retirement with legal advice from all over the world. He himself is innocent - course.

The Chief of the continental Federation for North and Central America, as well as the Caribbean (CONCACAF) had announced around 61. FIFA Congress, that he start will enter a "tsunami football". But Warner fell once again. Already before the re-election of Blatters, Warner had created for head-shaking. First, the former history teacher of the members of the Caribbean Football Union CFU demanded to stand against Blatter. A day before the election, Warner advised his delegates to vote for the Swiss.

In the meantime, the investigation of the FIFA Ethics Committee against Warner runs and Mohamed Bin Hammam, who had declared his retirement as a real opponent of Blatter in the presidential election next. Warner and Bin Hammam is accused of having bribed members of CFU with 28,000 euro. Warner and Bin Hammam have the allegations vehemently back. The two former members of the Executive remain suspended for the time being.

A muzzle is also CONCACAF Secretary General Chuck Blazer from the United States missed. Blazers brought the recent FIFA scandal rolling by Warner and the Katarer he Bin Hammam to FIFA because had made the alleged bribery payments. Blazer said "I will not comment on the ongoing proceedings", Monday's short and concise.

Meanwhile, the former FIFA official Guido Tognoni demanded that the term of Office of the President must be limited in the future. "I would be absolutely sure and was hoping that at last a limitation to two or three terms comes." That would have been a real step forward. "If the President of the United States must step down after eight years, it would certainly reasonable that the FIFA President makes this step after eight or twelve years", said the website Tognoni swissinfo.ch.

That Blatter in the fight against corruption will establish a "Council of wise men" with a President Henry Kissinger, Tognoni, who served 19 years in various positions the International Federation, is more critical. "As members circulate the names of celebrities such as Henry Kissinger, who can not necessarily be referred to as young hope for fighting corruption." But active and experienced anti-corruption experts of the caliber of a Dick Marty or mark Pieth were dear to me. "It needs professionals who must defend the reputation of FIFA, not decorative name", Tognoni said.

Tognoni underlined however with a personal statement also how easily one can be convinced Hammam of a presidential candidate as bin, to vote for him. "He has offered a good job in Qatar me eight years ago, so that I could spend a few nice years." "From this reason I would have for Bin Hammam voted", Tognoni said.