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Vranjes occurs after against Schaaf

Vranjes tritt gegen Schaaf nachJurica Vranjes (right) leaves Werder with frustration © SID-IMAGES/AFP/Andrew Yates

With frustration in the luggage midfielder of Jurica Vranjes leaves the football club Werder Bremen after five years. Reason for his mood is coach Thomas Schaaf.

Bremen (SID) - with a lot of frustration in the baggage left midfielder of Jurica Vranjes after five years of the football club Werder Bremen. Reason for his mood is coach Thomas Schaaf, accuses Vranjes interpersonal and communicative deficits.

"He can be very gefuhlskalt over players." Schaaf talked regularly only with his three or four favorite players, to others he mood was often dismissive and bad in the cabin. "There were days where he has not even greeted players," said a Croat in the interview with 11Freunde.de. Also with him have Schaaf in five years "maybe three times spoken".

In his view Schaaf while playing was the best coach of Germany, "but nowadays must a coach some psychologist be, talk to the players and explain things to them." Team-mate Claudio Pizarro also should have complained recently about bad mood in the Werder cabin for Vranjes. "I think that any football player is a few percent more power if the coach creates an atmosphere of performance and pleasure."

As a positive example was the 31-Jahrige Jurgen Klopp of Champions Borussia Dortmund to, on the ex-Bremen Patrick Owomoyela was excited by SMS for Vranjes. "He wrote that the coach has the largest share of success." "It was great, what Klopp for a spread positive mood in the team, although he also hard train leave."

Vranjes played no further part in the plans of Thomas Schaaf in the past season and came to no use in the Bundesliga.