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New: Handshake agreement Schalke denied

Neuer: Schalke dementiert Handschlag-EinigungPeters wants an agreement know anything © SID-IMAGES/TEAM2 /.

The back to the change from goalkeeper Manuel Neuer has no end: on Tuesday, Schalke 04 denied an alleged handshake agreement with Bayern Munich.

Gelsenkirchen (SID) - the back to change football goalkeeper Manuel Neuer has no end: on Tuesday Cup denied Schalke 04 an alleged handshake agreement with Bayern Munich. "We had really good discussions with Bayern and have achieved economic unity." "But we have not yet decided, to accept the offer," Chief Financial Officer, said Peter Peters of the Bild-Zeitung.

At the end of the conversation was Chief Financial Officer Karl Hopfner got up and have the hand enough the sound core to seal the change. "But since our manager Horst Heldt said: 'No, that we can't do now still'", said Peters.

On Monday, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge spoke of an agreement by handshake. "I am convinced that Schalke 04 on the agreement we have sealed by handshake will hold." "I know the representatives of Schalke only as Ehrenmanner and reputable merchants, just as we are there", said the Chairman of the Board of Bavaria.

When a decision is made, is meanwhile further open. The Supervisory Board of the Schalke to its Chairman Clemens Tonnies, which must approve the sale of covered at Bayern Munich, only meets next Monday. However, a meeting in a smaller circle seems possible this week.