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National team until 2016 for ARD and ZDF

Nationalmannschaft bis 2016 bei ARD und ZDFThe DFB has the TV broadcast approved by 2016-© SID-IMAGES/AFP/JOHN MACDOUGALL

The matches of the German national team are transferred to 2016 by ARD and ZDF. The DFB has accepted the submitted offer at a meeting in Berlin.

The matches of the German national team transmitted Berlin (SID) - up to 2016 by public service channels. The Bureau of the German Football Association (DFB) has accepted the offer submitted by ARD and ZDF at an extraordinary meeting in Berlin and agreed to a new contract until 2016.

"We are pleased that we can continue our partnership proven over many years in the future." The high viewing figures in tests show over and over again the large acceptance, and sympathy, which enjoys our national team at the people in Germany. "ARD and ZDF documenting the important role of football in our society with their interest,", said DFB President Dr Theo Zwanziger.

A transparent tender procedure was preceded for the first time the award by the German Presidency, during which interested parties on different competitions could offer. The tender submission period for the participants began on 15 April and went on 16 May to the end. The rights package for ARD and ZDF includes in addition to the tests of the national team all meetings of the women's national team, as well as the games of the 3rd Liga and the women League of the season of 2012 / 2013 and 2015 / 16.

DFB General Secretary Wolfgang Niersbach moved a very positive conclusion of the bidding procedure: "We want to us also expressly all other TV stations for their interest thank." The public service broadcasters bring along excellent conditions also due to their strong regional structures. "Still unique conditions by this total package be created in Germany League and the women's football for the 3.."

The qualifiers of the German national football team for the European Championship of 2016 to centrally marketed by UEFA are exempt from the right assignment.