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Magath is located at survival in the Samba train

Magath sitzt bei Klassenerhalt im SambazugTo celebrate the survival: Felix Magath-© SID-IMAGES/Pixathlon /.

Felix Magath wants to celebrate on Saturday but a little in the case of Klassenerhaltes and travel back to Wolfsburg with supporters and players by Samba train of Hoffenheim.

Wolfsburg (SID) - Felix Magath wants to initiate a little in the case of Klassenerhaltes on Saturday with the fans. The coach and General Manager sport of VfL Wolfsburg announced that he will travel back to remain in the Bundesliga with supporters and players by Samba train of Hoffenheim to Wolfsburg.

The players "can enjoy the train ride, as they want." "It is also intended that I crossed," Magath said on Thursday. Wolfsburg can create the class still on its own. The Lower Saxony at 15th before the last game with 35 points and fighting relegation and promotion and relegation playoff with Borussia Monchengladbach (rank 16 / 35) and Eintracht Frankfurt (17 / 34).

A day before Magath had still meant that there would be no party if the VfL would secure the class on Saturday. "Then is not celebrated." "It was indeed our target," said Magath.

After the unfortunate course of the season for the "Wolves", it is not amazed that Magath was looking for in the search for the best player of the season not in own squad. "For me it is Raul." "He is always a role model in many ways," said Magath on the Schalke striker, the Magath had brought as coach of the begun last summer after Gelsenkirchen.