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In the case of Amerell against Kempter

Entscheidung im Fall Amerell gegen KempterIn the case of Amerell against Kempter-© SID-IMAGES/Pixathlon /.

In the process of former German final Manfred Amerell and the former FIFA referees Michael Kempter announced on Thursday a decision of the regional court of Hechingen.

Hechingen (SID) - in the process between the former German official Manfred Amerell and the former FIFA referee Michael Kempter will announce a decision to the regional court of Hechingen on Thursday morning. The judge can here announce a judgment or the process to continue with the hearing of witnesses.

Amerell had most recently sued Kempter due to suspicions of fraud of the process. Kempter said other statements to have taken before the regional court of Hechingen as before the temporary Committee of the German Football Association (DFB). Kempter accuses Amerell of sexual harassment, Amerell insists that the relationship affair was by mutual agreement and damages therefore requires 150,000 euro on the basis of his individual rights.

Kempter to have testified before the German lawyers have avoided contact with Amerell his referee career because he knew from the passion of former referee Watcher to young men. Before the regional court of Hechingen, Kempter however to have explained, that he had been kissed as impressed with a course in Barsinghausen from Amerell.

Amerells attorney Jurgen Langer had submitted a request for stay of proceedings before the regional court of Hechingen until the clarification of the new allegations. "I am assuming that it is clear to the Court that only one of the two versions cannot vote," he told the Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

Langer is sure that no judgment can be made on Thursday: "After the credibility of Michael Kempters is decision substantially for the District Court, the outcome of this new investigation also for the civil action will be relevant."