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High prison sentences against Sapina and Marijo C.

Hohe Haftstrafen gegen Sapina und Marijo C.Prison sentences were imposed on the main offenders © SID-IMAGES/Getty Images /.

In the process to the largest manipulation scandal in European football history, the Landgericht Bochum against the main offenders ante Sapina and Marijo C. imposed prison sentences.

Bochum (SID) - in the process to the largest manipulation scandal in European football history has imposed the Bochum District Court against the suspected main perpetrators ante Sapina and Marijo C. high sentences. The 12 Trial Chamber under the Chairman Judge Wolfgang Mittrup sentenced repeat offenders Sapina and his ten first Croatian compatriot Marijo C. to every five years and six months in prison. Followers Dragan M. was sentenced to one year and six months on probation. Sapina has served 17 months, Marijo C. 18 months sentence in custody.

The accused had been in the course of the two-month process to have bribed players, referees and officials. About 50 games, including matches in the Champions League and the Cup, have been tampered with. The judgment was a still 28 games.

The public prosecutor's Office had sentences of seven years for Sapina and called for six years and nine months for Marijo C.. Ante Sapina had been sentenced in 2005 in the manipulation scandal to the referee Robert Hoyzer to a prison sentence of two years and eleven months. That the lawyers be insert into law before the Bundesgerichtshof in Karlsruhe, is considered safe.

The trial of the alleged main perpetrators was the second before the Landgericht Bochum within the betting scandal. On 14 April the 13 had imposed criminal court against three accused prison sentences from three to almost four years. Police and prosecutors determine still against 300 more suspects.