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Envy has still no strike list

Neid hat noch keine StreichlisteSilvia Neid (copyright) SID-IMAGES/MVPHOTO/Mika Volkmann files on their list of closings-

Exactly seven weeks before the opening game against Canada on 26 June in Berlin started the decisive phase of the World Cup preparation for the German male.

Bitburg (SID) - the internationals sweated at summer temperatures on the training ground, the forthcoming personnel decisions drive the sweat on the forehead coach Silvia Neid: exactly seven weeks before the opening game against Canada on 26 June in Berlin started the decisive phase of the World Cup preparation for the German male. And although envy will name their final World Cup squad until the end of may, the coach at the beginning of the fourth course had still no list of closings in the head Sunday in Bitburg.

"Even in the confidence I could mention none of them." The setting is true at all. "We can already say that it is very difficult for us in the coach team to nominate the 21 squad for the World Cup", said the sports information service (SID) before the start of the 13 training sessions in the envy: "We must take as many points as possible into this decision." "You feel simply that are all fully reinhangen and wants to be everyone in the Home World Cup here."

The commitment of the players makes it easier the trainer. Envy must remove five players from the current array of defending champion in the week after the match on 21 may in Ingolstadt against North Korea. Reason for the criticism of priority there since the beginning of the preparation on 11 April is no. "The players pull with all fully." "They show a thoroughly professional attitude," said the former player.

Only the infringement-related World Cup from the Frankfurterin Dzsenifer Marozsan has somewhat disrupted the preparation. "The injury of Dzsenifer Marozsan was of course does not provide for." It does me very sorry for them. She's a very talented player. I hope that the healing process runs well and that she will be soon improve. "Otherwise we are spared from major injuries and other problems", said jealousy had replaced by Bundesliga Torschutzenkonigin Conny Pohlers Marozsan.

Pohlers and co. are required in Bitburg in the defensive behavior. "The course is available under the heading 'Defensive behavior from A to Z'." Here, we will work strongly in the tactical field. In all parts of the team. "Defend begins also with us in the attack," said envy, which already nervously World Cup kick off: the anticipation "is natural to feel." The World Cup is our topic. That is why, here each player operates this effort. "The World Cup is totally present."

Despite the focus on the final round, the pauses between the courses have fulfilled their purpose so far and prevents a possible Lagerkoller. "The players are absolutely focused, totally in the matter." "You can see the importance of the players of this preparation," said envy: "And I also think that the breaks between the courses do well not only the players, but also every Member of our administrator staff."

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