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Blatter rejects accusations of Bin Hammam

Blatter weist Bin-Hammam-Vorwurfe zuruckNot pleased with the criticism: Sepp Blatter-© SID-IMAGES/Pixathlon /.

FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter has in the course of the bribery allegations against his challenger Mohamed Bin Hammam insinuations and accusations Bin Hammam rejected.

Cologne (SID) - FIFA President Sepp Blatter has in the course of the bribery allegations against his challenger Mohamed Bin Hammam had been hints and allegations of Asian final rejected the charges against the Katarer were politically motivated and initiated by him.

"It gives me no pleasure to see that men are at my side for decades, are publicly executed without proven misconduct." "To now assume the current ordeal of my opponents would meet me with a kind of perverse satisfaction or that the whole of me in any way is planned, is ridiculous and completely reprehensible", Blatter wrote in his column of the Internet Blog "inside world football" and was also "shocked and dismayed" about the recent allegations of corruption in the world football association.

The FIFA Ethics Committee had on Wednesday a procedure against Bin Hammam initiated, Exko Member Jack Warner and two officials of the Football Association of the Caribbean (CFU). Bin Hammam is accused that was reached in the course of the upcoming presidential election at a meeting organised by Warner the CFU on 10 and 11 may in Trinidad to corrupt agreements. Bin Hammam and Warner should have offered 40,000 dollars (28,000 euros) various associations, if they vote in the vote on Wednesday in Zurich for the Blatter Challenger.

Bin Hammam, who again on Thursday the allegations denied "any substance" and in the advent of the allegations at this stage see a left game of Blatters, meanwhile called for the extension of the studies on the Swiss themselves. A withdrawal of his candidacy is for Bin Hammam still not in question.

"Since the current accusations mentioning also incumbent Sepp Blatter, Mohamed has Bin Hammam requesting for an extension of the studies on Mr Blatter", it was said in a statement of a spokesman of 62-Jahrigen. Therefore, the charges contained statements which Blatter allegedly knew about payments to members of the American and Caribbean Soccer Confederation (CONCACAF), but nothing would have done.