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Bierhoff: "will not drive us can"

Bierhoff: “Werden uns nicht treiben lassen”No clear statement to Ballack: Oliver Bierhoff-© SId-IMAGES/Pixathlon /.

In the case of Michael Ballack Oliver Bierhoff wants to omit further "do let" and the future of the master in the national team is.

Cologne (SID) - Oliver Bierhoff has left the future of Captain Michael Ballack in the German national football team on open. "We went always well, to do that, which we are convinced, no matter what is being discussed in public." Jogi Low and Michael Ballack have spoken with each other. These are but all internal things. "If there is to announce what is informed", said the national team manager in an interview with the Internet portal Sport1 and made it clear: "We will be however not push us."

Before the upcoming match against Uruguay (Sunday, 8 pm / ZDF) and the areas in the European Championship qualification in Austria (June 3, 20.30 / ARD) and Azerbaijan (June 7, 7 pm / ARD) was discussed in the media about a possible return of Ballack in the national team. National coach Joachim Low but renounced the 34-year-old veteran of the Bundesliga side Bayer Leverkusen and heated further by speculation about a farewell from the DFB team from Ballack. Most recently, Ballack was in March 2010 in a 0-1 against Argentina for the national team in place.

Bierhoff can understand the criticism at the international sessions in the Bundesliga summer break only to the part. "I am surprised that is being done so as the games come surprisingly." "Everything is coordinated with the clubs and the League in the long term," said Bierhoff. Also not only the DFB profit alone from the tests: "Benefit from a strong national team also the clubs." And money, which the DFB this, is the majority at the base. "There the future aware for the clubs promoted great and at a young age", so the former international: "That's why you should support the national team."

Quiet criticism expressed Bierhoff on the performance of the German clubs in international competitions. "In the Champions League, a title with competitors such as the FC Barcelona, Manchester United or Real Madrid in their management and financial resources is difficult." But in the Europa League we should can actually against teams from Portugal or other countries. "Because it must be our goal, to win the title", called the 43-Jahrige.

The expired stadium was "exciting and interesting" according to Bierhoffs. The German elite class have a "further step to front made". Teams such as the German champions Borussia Dortmund, Leverkusen, Hanover and also Mainz showed that "the German football on a conceptual level has been catching up much".