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Augsburg celebrating: as 51. Club in the Bundesliga

Augsburg feiert: Als 51. Verein in der BundesligaAugsburg rise hailed: Michael Thurk-© SID-IMAGES/Getty Images /.

Augsburg is at the top and can plan for the Bundesliga: the FC Augsburg will make the leap in the House of Lords as 51. Club in the Bundesliga schnidt history.

The fans stormed Augsburg (SID) - the lawn, the players were in the arms and coach "showered Jos Luhukay" in beer: the FC Augsburg will make the leap in the House of Lords as 51. Club in the Bundesliga schnidt history. The Swabians the defeated FSV Frankfurt on the 33rd day thanks to the late gate of Stephan Hain (85.) 2-1 (1: 1) and are only still theoretically to displace a game before the end of the season of second place. The advance on the third VfL Bochum is three points and 20 goals.

Hain had after his ninth season hit "Tears, but even more beer" in the eyes: "this is really incredible, I can believe that not yet, ever believe." Goalkeeper Simon Jentzsch stirred said: "I would like to address the rise of my father, who died two weeks ago." We fought until the very end to goal - which is excellent. "Even if we in the next year on the mouth get: we have made history, no one can take us."

Then he put on the red shirt of the ascent. To see: Jim button, the locomotive engineer of the famous puppet theatre, and the words "next stop: 1. League." "Full force ahead!" Luhukay, up 2008 with Borussia Monchengladbach, sang with the fans. "I'm so happy, I am pleased for my team, for each individual player, for the fans." Was a dream - to play with such a small Club in the 1st League, and we met him. "This is a success of the collective", he said on Sky.

It all started very unfavourably for the in the Augsburg 1 failed FC Nuremberg last year in the relegation: Jurgen Gjasula shocked them with his sixth goal of the season early (3, penalty for a foul), after Captain Uwe Mohrle Sascha Molders had put in the penalty area. "Because I thought, this is well off today, that was a disaster", said Mohrle, which also saw his fifth yellow card, and with master locked will miss Hertha BSC Berlin.

But because then Michael Thurk also met (14th) and later Grove for the ninth time this season, Mohrle could laugh again. "I look forward to the party." "We want to enjoy this, as long as possible", he says.

Motto borrowed at President Barack Obama "Jos, we can!" Augsburg had prepared themselves before the game for the big promotion ceremony. 30,000 FCA flags were distributed among the 30.660 spectators in the stadium, there are tips for the best party venues in the local newspaper and the favorite opponents waited with the FSV: none of the eight home games against Frankfurt lost Augsburg previously. However, the game began with a shock. Gjasula loaded Jentzsch with his penalty, the clock showed in 2: 28 minutes.

But Augsburg came back soon. Axel Bellinghausen watched from the left side of the real, where Nando Rafael passed the ball to Thurk. He had no chance in the FSV goal from seven meters Michael Langer. Thurk awarded the possible 2-0 by shot from 16 and with a header from five metres before the strong Rafael with a torn hamstring out had to. Torsten Oehrl (30) came to him, remained off the FCA. Marcel Ndjeng failed by free-kick to Langer (38), later rescued Langer again against Thurk.

In the second half of the game on a goal continued. Thurk was always again the attention – such as when he scored from five metres of the goal (49.). Frankfurt answered occasionally, Molders was this once free before Jentzsch (64.). On the other side, Andreas Dahlen saved after Lukas Sinkiewicz header on the line (73.) before the seven minutes before substitute Grove poked the ball from the single failure by Langer from one meter of the line.