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Zwanziger WINS in court against Amerell

Zwanziger siegt vor Gericht gegen AmerellBeing: Well DFB boss Theo Zwanziger laugh © SID-IMAGES/Pixathlon /.
DFB President Theo Zwanziger achieved a victory in a case against the former referee supervisor Manfred Amerell.
Augsburg (SID) - DFB President Theo Zwanziger has won a victory in a case against the former referee supervisor Manfred Amerell. The higher regional court of Augsburg covered saw statements of twenties to Amerell by the right to freedom of expression. The President of the German Football Association (DFB) had brought the affair to Amerell and referee Michael Kempter in a connection with the cases of abuse in the Catholic Church.
Against the statements of twenties in the spring of 2010, Amerell had sued and obtained an injunction against the 8th Civil Division of the Augsburg State Court on 12 April of last year, first having regard to the violation of his rights. The judge assessed the comments of the DFB President at that time as "false factual claims".
Legal at the heart of the affair, however, remains the dispute before the regional court of Hechingen. This process involves the central question of whether the intimate contacts between Amerell and Kempter were by mutual agreement or came under Amerells pressure. The judge had suggested a comparison in February the two parties at the hearing the Amerell however rejects.
The announcement of a decision in this procedure is announced for the April 18. A judgment, but also the continuation of the procedure would be possible to this date. Kempter, which Amerell accused of sexual harassment would agree the proposed comparison principle according to his lawyer Christoph Schickhardt.