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"Lion" win under the eyes of the new "King"

“Lowen” siegen unter den Augen des neuen “Konigs”Stefan Aigner double - cheers (copyright) SID-IMAGES/Pixathlon /.

1860 Munich WINS 4-0 (2-0) at home against energy Cootbus. Under the eyes of the new investor Hasan Abdullah Ismaik, Aigner (2), Lauth and Kuhl shot the Lions to victory.

Munich (SID)-

Under the eyes of possible new "King of the Lions" football second division side 1860 Munich has celebrated its second home win one at a time. The Jordanian businessman Hasan Abdullah Ismaik saw a 4-0 (0-2)-Sieg of the financially ailing Lions against Energie Cottbus on the 29th day. Ismaik, who wants to put in the medium term over 30 million in the Club as an investor, rejoiced in the stands of the hits of Dominik Stahl (2nd), Stefan Aigner (35/65) and Benny Lauth (84.).

"The first impression is very good and very welcome." I like a workers, the 1860 and is a team with much tradition. "Here you can make much and reach", said Ismaik, which like the city of Munich very well before the meeting.

Lions President Dieter Schneider said justified by "promising negotiations" with Ismaik, which is his commitment to the people in Munich with his passion for football first and foremost. "But it is also a business and I would like to lose any money", said Ismaik.

Against Cottbus, Munich had a start to measure front of 18,600 people. A free-kick from Daniel Halfar clapped at the bar of the Cottbus gate, steel was but the right and headed to a 1-0.

Also in the subsequent period, the hosts dominated the encounter and increased as a consequence before the break to 2-0. After submission of Aleksandar Ignjovski Aigner pushed a.

After the change, the game diminished noticeably. Halfar opened the decision with a remarkable solo was the only highlight of the second 45 minutes. His passport recovered Aigner sovereign followed up then once again with the goal to 3: 0. Lauth with his 14th goal of the season.

Halfar and Aigner stood out for the hosts, only Roger knew to please in Cottbus.