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Schalke snafus dress rehearsal - FCK almost saved

Schalke verpatzt Generalprobe - FCK fast gerettetSrdjan Lakic scored Kaiserslautern to victory © SID-IMAGES/Getty Images /.

Bundesliga Schalke 04 has a 1-0 in the Champions League final rehearsal on the 31 day-conceded defeat against the 1. FC Kaiserlautern. The FCK to advance on rank 12.

Gelsenkirchen (SID) - in the expected third home game with national goalkeeper Manuel Neuer Schalke 04 has episodes the dress rehearsal for the Champions League semifinal against Manchester United. On the 31 day of the Bundesliga, the German Vice-Champion at the 0: 1 (1-0) against the 1. suffered FC Kaiserslautern's first defeat under coach Ralf Rangnick. Especially in the shaky backline the begun to increase, in order to compete in the first leg against the English champions on Tuesday.

The Kaiserslautern striker Erwin Hoffer and Srdjan Lakic brought that reshuffled a Schalke defensive time embarrassed. Lakic (42) provided a very victory in the battle for the survival with his 14th goal of the season. The Palatinate also celebrated the third victory in their last four away games.

Nationalkeeper new was blameless at the 0: 1 at all the 25 showed almost consistently unimpressed by the discussions about his person itself. He received support before 61.673 spectators in the sold-out arena from the fan curve. Only a few whistles mixed among the cheering, new got even Szenenapplaus. "You remain always our Manu!", was on a banner. A Pappschild with the words "Go straight away to the BVB!" remained the exception.

Early put the people of Kaiserslautern Schalke under pressure. Alone Hoffer had the opportunity to bring the eleven by coach Marco Kurz in leadership (3/23) twice, but failed on the own inability - until he verstolperte the ball, then he held his foot wrong in a dimensionally accurate cross from Adam Hlousek. In the 24th minute, new made strongly against Christian Tiffert.

S04 had his first opportunity by edu, who came to a combination of Jefferson Farfan and Raul at the end (19.). Farfan even had the Schalke lead to the foot in the 33rd minute, but failed at the Kaiserslautern keeper Kevin Trapp. Lakic left no chance later new short time with his direct acceptance.

The second section of the game diminished. Rangnick moved a while three supposedly creative offensive forces with Alexander Baumjohann, Jose Manuel Jurado and Ali Karimi, who took Kaiserslautern but no means against the deeply related. The guests fought doggedly to the important three-pointer, but rarely look into the opponent's half.