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Rummenigge: "financial situation worrying"

Rummenigge: “Finanzsituation besorgniserregend”Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is concerned © SID-IMAGES/Getty Images /.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has shown even concerned about the State of European clubs more. The financial situation of some clubs was critical, but not hopeless.

Munich (SID) - Bayern of Munich Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has been once again concerned about the State of European football clubs shown. "The financial situation of some clubs is critical, but not hopeless", said Rummenigge in an interview with focus and added: "the clubs have in recent years while their sales can significantly increase further expenditure increased however." "This is the core problem."

Rummenigge however exhibited a good testimony to the German clubs. You are mostly healthy. The "black sheep" were in Spain, search Italy and England. "Clubs, sometimes very successfully playing in the Champions League, make together as many losses as the complete Bundesliga." "For this reason financial fair play will be introduced now", said Rummenigge, Chairman of the European Club Association ECA.

The European Football Union (UEFA) had introduced last new licensing rules for Player salaries and transfer fees are not further explode. From the coming season 2011 / 12, the clubs can no longer spend as they take.

Currently, more than half of all clubs in Europe have made losses. In the 2009 / 10 season, the minus rose to 1.2 billion euros. In total, more than 700 European clubs have a debt of 19 billion euros. Rummenigge called the figures "worrying." You can compare the football but not with the mechanical engineering or the chemical industry, finally, we have to pay any dividend to our fans. "Our fans want title."

To convince the clubs of the new licensing rules, had been not easy, "especially when the big clubs we are also encountered resistance", Rummenigge carried out further: "Why UEFA Chief Michel Platini is personal to the investors as Chelsea donors Roman Abramovich"", Ex-Milan President Silvio Berlusconi and Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed went there al Nayhan of Manchester City and informed them of the problem."

The FC Bavaria meets the new criteria for years. "It is also Arsenal London, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid would work well." "Platini has warned that of the 32 teams, this year taking part in the Champions League, eleven clubs had not met the fair play rules," said Rummenigge.