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Manuel Neuer leaves Schalke 04

Manuel Neuer verlasst Schalke 04Manuel Neuer leaves Schalke 04-© SID-IMAGES/TEAM2 /.

"" Schalke 04 loses his face: Manuel Neuer will not extend his contract until 2012 and the "begun" left after more than 20 years.

Gelsenkirchen (SID) - Schalke 04 loses his face: Manuel Neuer is his 2012 running contract with the Bundesliga does not extend and leave the begun after more than 20 years. The club announced on Wednesday morning and invited for 13: 30 at a press conference with the goalkeeper, sporting Director Horst Heldt and coach Ralf Rangnick. New Munich placed last again and again with Bavaria in connection, expressed but at first not on his future. The FC Bayern refused an opinion on SID request.

"I have made this decision without influence from the outside." All other speculation unfounded. "The decision has to do not just with the change of coach or any personal at another Club," said new, which is in the Club since 1991. "I owe a lot to Schalke and his unique fans." I would like to keep open the possibility to a change in me but after 20 years of Club loyalty. "But now the full concentration is the goals of the season."

The 25 was as a teenager in the Schalke curve, since 2006 he is one of the number in the gate of the Gelsenkirchener. The fans he apologized to now via Facebook: "I know that this is lack of understanding among you." It was also so: inside of 50 minutes, almost 3000 comments appeared under his message, new was called "Traitor" and "Judas".

New had notified his decision in an interview the Club officer. "We took this message of with a heavy heart to note and they must accept and respect," Heldt said.

Schalke 04 have high goals in the semi-finals in the Champions League and the Cup final against the MSV Duisburg. "They are available to us now in the foreground." As it now continues with Manuel Neuer, are the next few weeks and perhaps months show. But now we are dealing with the sporting challenges. "Everything else will be at the appropriate time."

A change of national goalkeeper to the Bavaria became more concrete in the past few days. According to information of the Bild-Zeitung, new to sign a four-year contract with the first Division to the new season. The clubs need to agree clearly on a transfer fee between 18 and 20 million euros.

FC Bayern makes no secret of the fact more for weeks that he wants to have new. Necessarily. Also the Honorary President interfered again and promoted at the same time in the critical own annex to understanding. "I say to the fans that voted against the commitment: we need more urgently than ever new, Bavaria has a totally insecure defense." The Defense must be stabilized to next season. "This new is the right man", the sport Bild said Franz Beckenbauer.

Oliver Kahn looks like the situation with his former employer. "The goalkeeper should be world-class occupied", stressed the former goalkeeper for the high goals of FC Bayern needs it "behind of a goalkeeper who has highest quality". Should new indeed switch to the German First Division, he could there, expected Kahn, "A successful era shape." Since the resignation of Kahn 2008 already Michael Rensing, Jorg butt agreed on the FC Bayern goalkeeper position and Thomas force attempts.

Neuer former coach Felix Magath has at all no doubt for whom the goalkeeper will play soon. "A move to FC Bayern has apparent Yes." This strengthens the Munich in the future. It will be now even more difficult for all clubs, to be against Bayern. "Because new is the best goalkeeper in the Bundesliga," Magath said of the world.