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Football fans without fear before Internet sports show

Fu?ball-Fans ohne Scheu vor Internet-SportschauDFL Chief Christian Seifert-© SID-IMAGES/Getty Images /.

The DFL is planning 2013 / 2014 with an Internet sports show as alternative model at the end of the year at the latest starting tender of the Bundesliga rights from the season.

Frankfurt/Main (SID) - the German football fans have apparently not afraid before a possible Internet sports show: how one was found by the Promit Institute on behalf of the sponsor conducted opinion poll, the Bundesliga would lose no viewers by a change from the ARD to the Internet sports show. Therefore currently amongst others, the Federal Cartel Office checks whether enough households in Germany can watch Internet TV to be excluded from the "common knowledge Fu?ball Bundesliga".

"There are talks with the Federal Cartel Office, which we consider to be constructive." "It's no secret that we are seeking a second scenario with a broadcast of the highlights after 8 P.m.," had last DFL Chief Christian Seifert explains: "This may surprise no one." Also the ARD not. It comes us but not to abolish the sports show to get more money. "Each bidder can highlight his preference through its range."

Competition stimulates business. Therefore the plans German Football League (DFL) at the end of the year starting tender of the Bundesliga rights from the season of 2013 / 2014 with an alternative model, the sky pay TV partner more exclusivity and the League thus aims to ensure more money than the so far a total of 412 million euro per year.

Instead of free TV highlight recovery in the ARD Saturday at 6.30 pm a kind Web sports show to serve under the alternative model from the year 2013 / 2014 the free to air market at 19.00. In the free TV, the summary of the Matchday should then only be to see 21.45 pm. That could raise the profile of the ZDF-Sportstudio, or but the interest of RTL or sat. 1 call. Perhaps move but also the ARD and pays so far 75 million euros for the Saturday more than in the year.

The public service broadcaster last but announced to want to reduce its sports budget. Also the ARD emphatically rejects only a reporting from 21.45 pm. "The Bundesliga is already once grandiose flopped after 8 pm, and it will flop again." "But not in the ARD, for it we have no interest," Steffen Simon said as WDR Chief responsible for the sports show.

Some of the fans positively faces, however, the Internet sports show. So "Web and mobile TV" would see a free TV first licensing via the transmission path 38.4 percent of Germans, although currently only 36.5 per cent of the interested parties regularly track the ARD-Sportschau on Saturday at 6.30 pm. These are just two percent less than a Web broadcast at the present time of spectators could reach. "We looking all possible pathways at, including the Internet rights", the President of the Federal Cartel Office, Andreas Mundt, SID said.

The use of the Internet TV is currently still relatively low compared to the classic television. According to media professionals use online TV content will rise but significantly until the beginning of the new rights period in 2013. If however the majority of the current sports show Seer track then also a Web Edition, is questionable.

Interestingly, Web-TV has its use priority between 18.00 and 21.00. The Internet sports show to run at 19.00. In addition to the international services of Google TV, Apple TV, or Amazon, new German providers are also in Germany before the start.