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Bajramaj warns against too high expectations at World Championships

Bajramaj warnt bei WM vor zu hohen ErwartungenLooks at the World Cup: Fatmire Bajramaj-© SID-IMAGES/AFP/PATRIK STOLLARZ

Fatmire Bajramaj has warned before the World Cup in Germany against too high expectations 66 days. Target, so the national team, was a small summer fairy tale.

Berlin (SID) - football player Fatmire Bajramaj has warned before the start of the women's World Cup in Germany against too high expectations 66 days. "One must not think now, because it will crash right after the World Cup." "We must build that slowly", Bajramaj said in an interview with the Berliner Zeitung: "the World Cup is a great advertising for our sport, and then there will be more people with security that women's love and support." "But it is out boomen less."

Aim is, according to Bajramaj, a small summer fairy tale. "In other words: each game win, the final in Frankfurt", she said.

The 23 defended the date of notification of their controversial change of turbine Potsdam to the FFC Frankfurt. End of may, Potsdam denies the Champions League final in London. "I would have can not wait just." "That was a load in the coming weeks", she said. The Hesse had on Monday announced the commitment of the native Kosovo order to the new season and that criticism of the Potsdam coach Bernd Schroder provoked.

"We have respect our opponents, but there is a club in the Bundesliga, which simply does not know that." It dredges not behind the back of the concerned Association players on! ", Schroeder said.

The relationship with their coach is currently strained, however, have it owes much to him. "Even if he is to speak at the moment not good to me: he is a person." "Sports and human he has given incredibly much me", said Bajramaj.