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1860: Investor Ismaik "irritated"

1860: Investor Ismaik “irritiert”Hasan Ismaik calls for a decision © SID-IMAGES/Pixathlon /.

Hasan Ismaik, any investor in the second division club 1860 Munich, threatened by the insolvency is puzzled whether the hesitant attitude of the Club to accept his offer.

Munich (SID) - Hasan Ismaik, potential investor in the football second division club at risk of the insolvency of 1860 Munich, is puzzled whether the hesitant attitude of the Club to accept his investment offer. He was "irritated by the current reluctance of the Association", the 34-year-old businessman from Jordan of the Sueddeutsche Zeitung said: "it seems to like me, as if it has not yet recognized that the Club is close to insolvency." (…) "The Club has to decide now."

The negotiations with Ismaik pause apparently so because the Lions are afraid of a large power of sponsor. President Dieter Schneider still has "a good feeling that with the investor agreement succeed". The club wants the model to be negotiated in the last details "in this week" in the League (DFL) to examine present German football. The champions of 1966 probably continued on the banks solution failed weeks ago as an alternative to Ismaik works in the background.

He stressed, however, that he was more willing to invest. "I hope that my entry still succeed and we together can shape the future successfully," he said. At all costs he wants access in 1860 but not under the arms. "The Club can, with all due respect, not expect provide cash free of charge - and at the same time think we should be confident, that the Club on his own (...)" makes the most of it. "There will not be as an entry point."